Discipleship & Spiritual Direction

Scheduling Discipleship & Spiritual Direction Sessions

I offer a series of in-person sessions for discipleship and spiritual direction. I am available for either individuals or for cohorts (i.e., small groups of 5–7 people who might all be from the same church). If you are interested in a cohort, please contact me. If you are interested in receiving discipleship and spiritual direction as an individual, you may schedule sessions online.
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Equipping believers to effectively follow Christ

Discipleship for New Believers

Throughout my 30 years of pastoral ministry, discipleship has always been a passion of mine. I get excited when I think about spiritual multiplication—making disciples who make disciples. But it takes time and intentionality to become a well-equipped, maturing believer who can build your life into others. It takes heart and life change.

If you recently became a Christian, I will help you develop a strong spiritual foundation. You will learn how to deeply abide in Christ for every issue of life.

Knowledge was not communicated by the Master in terms of laws and dogmas, but in the living personality of One who walked among them. His disciples were distinguished…by being with him.

― Robert E. Coleman

Spiritual Direction for Maturing Believers

Maybe you’ve been a Christian for a period of time, and you have questions like:

  • Why does the Christian life seem like such a struggle?
  • How can I make more of an impact and bear more fruit?
  • Why does it seem like the harder I work to grow as a Christian, I don’t see much progress or change?
  • Why does it feel so “foreign” to me to talk to a non-believer about the gospel?
  • If prayer is so important, why is it so hard?
  • I have real trouble being consistent in reading God’s Word. What do I need to do in order to actually want to and enjoy reading the Bible?

If you’re seeking guidance to grow deeper in your faith, I will help you overcome common hindrances and experience spiritual breakthroughs.

Discipleship and Spiritual Direction Topics

  • Being an effective follower of Christ—fruitful and impactful lives for the Kingdom
  • Kingdom ethics and living
  • Discipleship Pathway: heart of discipleship and work of discipleship
  • Grace-driven spiritual disciplines
    1. 1. Personal worship
    2. 2. Biblical meditation
    3. 3. Prayer
    4. 4. Bible reading journaling
    5. 5. Bible reading and walking by the Spirit
  • Understanding faith as “active passivity”
  • Becoming disciples who make disciples
  • Living by faith, working through love
  • Engaging with the Holy Spirit
  • Engaging the heart—self-counsel
  • Abiding in Christ

“Ben Taylor understands gospel grace in a way that, tragically, few do. That is the main reason he is so great at counseling, discipleship, and spiritual direction. But he is also gentle, humble and empathetic. I have never met anyone who was able to minister gospel grace as powerfully, compassionately (and humorously) as Ben.”

—Eric Wallace, President, Uniting Church and Home