We recommend these resources to help you experience renewed life in Christ.

Stoking the Embers: Essays on Grief and Hope

By Rev. Dr. Benton Taylor
This little book of 10 essays provides biblical counsel to help you find strength in weakness, hope in the midst of despair, and light in the midst of darkness.
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A Thousand Resurrections

By Maria Garriott
This is one woman’s story of a return to a city that many have fled. It is about the challenges, heartbreaks, lessons, and joys of a woman participating in the transformation of the city while being transformed herself.
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Being Human: The Nature of Spiritual Existence

By Ranald Macaulay and Jerram Barrs
Ranald Macaulay and Jerram Barrs discuss the nature of spiritual experience. As the pursuit of true spirituality takes us away from sinfulness, it moves us closer to what God intended us to be. When we are truly spiritual, we are fully human.
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True Spirituality

By Francis Schaeffer
This twentieth-century spiritual classic outlines the result of Schaeffer’s effort to “start at the beginning” and re-examine his faith. The book is a treasure trove of wisdom for Christians trying to discover what true spirituality looks like in everyday life.
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