Preaching & Teaching

Pulpit supply to renew your church
in the life of Christ

As a seasoned pastor and strong gospel preacher, I am available to preach for Sunday services, teach classes or a Sunday School series, and to lead seminars/retreats.

I am especially passionate about these sermon topics:

  • Understanding the new life in Christ
  • The gospel as the operating center of the Christian life
  • Worldview teaching: engaging non-Christian worldviews
  • Understanding our identity in Christ
  • Loving one’s neighbor and evangelization
  • Apologetics: defending the faith in love
Preaching Christ every time is the way to show people how the Bible fits together. And indeed, preaching Christ every time is also the only way to truly help people change from the inside out.

― Timothy Keller

Church Staff Positions

Church Renewal Ministry

Pulpit Ministry

Sample Sermons by Dr. Benton Taylor


“The Reverend Doctor Taylor was my pastor for over 20 years, and his teaching reflected his desire to be ‘found faithful’ always. When he taught his flock, he gave glory to God, not just information to his people. He did not preach lightly, but instead, preached Christ passionately in order to guide and comfort the people of God under his care.

“He did not hammer us with the Law but taught the Law to show us Christ’s perfect keeping of it, and the benefit to us, His children, because of that sacrificial obedience. We departed after each sermon with sustenance to face whatever God had for us in the week ahead. I thank God for this gift that Ben Taylor gave to those of us who sat under him.”


Scheduling Preaching & Teaching

Please contact me to request a time for me to preach or teach at your church. If you are requesting pulpit supply outside the state of Maryland, I kindly request that lodging and travel expenses be covered by the inviting church.